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The Key to Your Personal Wellness

Meditation is a necessity in our chaotic and over booked lives — despite the need — it doesn’t come for most. Sitting still, quieting the mind, letting distractions pass, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Yoga postures are a great way to ease your body into a meditation session. Yoga is not only rejuvenating for the body but also the brain. Yoga postures return your attention inward, into your body & breath — paving the way for a powerful meditation session. These days, with yoga being adopted more for diet + exercise, the meditation option is skipped over.

When we begin to slow our breath and begin to sync it with our movement, we become calm. We ultimately become closer to a single minded purpose. The type of focus needed in meditation.

By slowing down, and tuning in, it’s easier to keep our attention in the present moment. Essentially, not only are we strengthening our bodies, we are building the awareness needed to prepare for meditation.

Meditation and yoga are interrelated. They go hand and hand. Where the breath flows, the mind goes. In yoga and in meditation, we raise our consciousness. Yoga helps us to bring the body to a point of stillness by clearing away the restless energy we carry around — preparing us to fully immerse ourselves in the deep concentration of meditation.


Still your mind & Control your life

Be ever restful in your heart. A quiet spirit will help you instantly to resolve problems that might otherwise require days, weeks, or even months of fretful pondering.
— Swami Kriyananda

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