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ResET x mindset
Meditation & Mindfulness

Explore new ways to connect. Learn to relax, practice letting go, and move beyond the "busy brain" that used to be your daily life.


Realign x Expressions
intentions & Appreciation

Honor your voice, express yourself and journal your way beyond your blocks and into a more intentional & fulfilling life and experience.


Thrive x Coaching
Choose joy - Live Life

Learn about creating and protecting your high vibe life. Spend time focusing on and figuring out the one life you have to live in this moment.

hi, hello, welcome to VibeWell.Co

I'm Ashley Sharie, the creator, main writer and your personal high vibes curator. I am a firm believer, that many of our daily struggles can be traced back to our mindset. Negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs etc. negatively color our perceptions, our feelings and even the way we relate to the world and those around us. We create a "low vibe fog" and try to live our best lives despite it. That's where we get those low vibe feelings from; being drained, uninspired, lazy and unmotivated.

VibeWell helps you to learn to break patterns, beliefs, mindsets and more that are no longer serving you and your life. Through information, articles and coaching you’ll learn to fully accept yourself, others and to take full responsibility for living your life. The vibrations aka vibes we bring to the spaces we enter color our experiences, our relationships and our lives. Energy is the currency of life. Knowing this, is a powerful place to live from. This space is about intentionally taking ownership for how you show up and live your life.

At VibeWell you can find all things wellness, personal growth, mindfulness, intentional living and dash of lifestyle blog for women looking to create their best life, now.