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Guided meditation is an extremely powerful tool for eliciting change in your life.

Guided meditation is when you are guided, by a narrator, to elicit a specific change in your life. You are first guided to relax your body and mind, to help you reach a deep meditative state before going on a journey, in your mind, to reach a specific goal.

As the brain does not distinguish between an imagined event and a real one, the experience you have with a guided meditation is just like having a real experience. This has an amazing effect on your life due to the way the brain works.

Meditation: A practice of aligning your mind, body and spirit by going deep within to access the power of your belief to create what you truly desire.


It’s All In Your Subconscious Mind!

Your subconscious mind is a powerhouse of raw creative energy. Your mind has the capacity for healing, self-improvement, spiritual growth and more.

Your subconscious mind operates based on your beliefs, negative or positive.

It is tuned in, 24/7, to your thoughts, words, feelings, attitudes and moods, and it will respond to all of them — even if they are contradictory or negative.

You must be mindful and disciplined not to feed your subconscious mind with negative thoughts or negative speech.

Statements like, “I’m tired. I’m bored. I give up. I can’t.” — are heard and felt. In fact, anything you may think, feel or sense, it is communicated throughout your body and manifests. Your mind is not in the business of choosing between good and bad, it’s responding to your focus.

how do you make the most of your mental capacity, and master your mindset?

Your job is to consciously implant a consistently clear Intention or picture of your desired goal. “I radiate perfect health and well-being.” This way, your subconscious mind will conspire with your desire to create it — as long as you believe it.

Meditation is the way to access the power of your subconscious mind, and forge those intentions, images and positive goals into both your imagination and your experience.


The mind cannot tell the difference between an actual, ‘real-life’ event and a vividly imagined one.
— Denis Waitley, coach to both Olympic champions and Apollo astronauts

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3 Min Meditation for Grounding


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3 MIN Meditation for Gratitude

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Creating Your Own Meditations

Who Will Benefit?

From the beginning to the ending, you have to remember who you are working with. Is your meditation for personal use, are you creating for others. Knowing its intended audience and purpose will help create the foundation from which you create.  The more detail you can use the better and knowing your intended audience will make it that much easier to create.

What Do You Wish to Accomplish?

From personal experience, the relaxation and inner exploration alone are worth it, and I've written scripts which are nothing more than a deep relaxation and re-connection. What if you want more, though? In that case, you would want to plan a little "journey" for the subject to take, which will lead them through what you want them to experience.

Remember to use sights, sounds, smells, and sensations to really bring it alive. In order to engage the deeper levels of the mind, a guided meditation script must go beyond simple words, and weave an experience.

Creating Custom Guided Meditations

Using your own voice is a powerful way to increase the effectiveness of your guided meditation practice. If you are looking to write your own guided mediations? Try these steps (and the resources on the left!):

  • First, a minute or two of settling in, and expectation setting. Think about the purpose of your meditation, and what you are truly trying to accomplish. Ask yourself, How do I want to feel? Take some time to write this out before beginning.

  • Your script part 1: relaxation. It’s important to make use of tactile sensations. It’s best to start at the top and work your way down or vice versa. In almost every guided meditation I write, I work from the toes, to the feet, then calves, etc.

    • Important: Take your time here this is an important part of the guided meditation script.

  • Your script part 2: connection. Once the physical relaxation is complete, you want to connect to your source. If depending on your religious/spiritual traditions, you can incorporate your own symbols. My preference is to use both God, and the imagery of brilliant, bright light. This part isn’t as long as relaxation, however, it’s important that it feels complete and not rushed.

  • Your script part 3: guiding. This section doesn’t have to be long, but it is important that you choose the best type of “guiding” for your goal. There are different types of meditations:

    • a journey meditation, with a beginning middle and end

    • counting down/relaxation meditation

    • body scan for sensations and awareness meditation

    • affirmation mediation

    • beach/nature visualization meditations

  • Your script part 4: return to center. However works best for your, bring your awareness back to your physical body, and next to your present surroundings and when it feels right, cue yourself to open your eyes.


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After Your Meditation(s): Keep Releasing Make sure all you released stays in the past. Start by journaling what came up for you. When we write words it brings the thought from the spiritual, mental awareness into the physical realm of awareness. Journal on what actions you can do to make this process of letting go really happen.


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